Aztec god Mushroom

Aztec god Mushroom  for their use of hallucinogenic fungi — archeologists have uncovered numerous depictions of mushrooms positioned as some form of sacrament around ancient burial sites in Mexico and Central America.

While pre-colonial civilizations most definitely did not use the strain sold as Aztec God today, the name is fitting due to the notable hallucinogenic profile of this Psilocybe cubensis strain (average for Psilocybe cubensis).

We can’t promise you’ll come face to face with some form of ancient Aztec entity when taking these shrooms — but we can’t promise you won’t either.

What Are Aztec God Shrooms?

Aztec God shrooms are a specific strain of magic mushrooms belonging to the genus and species Psilocybe cubensis. These cubes come from Central America and Southern Mexico — although their history is somewhat cloudy and hotly debated.

Many ancient civilizations throughout Central America consumed magic mushrooms for religious and spiritual purposes. It’s most likely the ancient shrooms these cultures consumed belonge to a different species entirely — either Psilocybe aztecorum or Psilocybe caerulescens.

In any case, the strain we have today referred to as Aztec God earned its epic name. These shrooms are know to contain high concentrations of psilocybin and lower concentrations of psilocin. These alkaloids are the active ingredients in all species of magic mushrooms (along with the related compound and baeocystin).


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Aztec god Mushroom
Aztec god Mushroom
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