Microdosing MDMA

 Microdosing MDMA(Crystal/Powder)Microdosing MDMA(Crystal/Powder) MDMA’s first identified potential as a therapeutic catalyst was for couple therapy. Early work in the 1970s and 1980s explored its potential amongst seasoned psychotherapists and their clients. With the completion of the first pilot trial of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy with couples for PTSD, and as the possibility of conducting MDMA-assisted,

psychotherapy trials expands due to new regulatory frameworks,

we have an opportunity to explore and investigate how and why MDMA-assisted couples therapy works.

Explore the neurobiological and neurochemical effects of MDMA in a relational context the emotional, behavioral, cognitive and somatic effects within a dyadic frame,

and how empathy, communication, perception of social connection/support, non-avoidance, openness, attachment/safety, bonding/social intimacy and relationship satisfaction, are all impacted by MDMA and can be harnesse to facilitate systems-level and interpersonal healing and growth. A model to support MDMA-assisted couple therapy is introducedand future directions, including implications for intervention development and delivery, will be elucidated.



Microdosing MDMA(Crystal/Powder) MDMA crystals. MDMA, or ‘molly’ is a ‘psychedelic amphetamine’ that has gained popularity over the past 20 years because of its ability to produce strong feelings of comfort, empathy, and connection to others.

It most frequently comes in tablet form, although it is occasionally sold in capsules or as powder. It is most frequently use orally and rarely snorted.

MDMA use is closely tied to the underground rave (and dance club) scene throughout the earth , but has also been widely employe by therapists as an adjunct to psychotherapy.
Because MDMA is so popular and since it goes well with dance parties, the demand for it always exceeds supply–especially at any given location on any given night.

While ‘ecstasy’ is that the popular name for MDMA, the functional definition of ecstasy is any pill represente as MDMA on the road . mdma crystals

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• Euphoria – a way of general well-being and happiness
• Increased self-confidence, sociability, and perception of facilitated communication
Entactogenic—increased empathy or feelings of closeness with others and oneself
Dilated pupils
Relaxation and reduced anxiety
Increased emotionality
A sense of inner peace
Mild hallucination
Enhanced sensation, perception, or sexuality
Altered sense of time



1 gram, 2 grams, 5 grams, 1/2 ounce, 1ounce

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Microdosing MDMA
Microdosing MDMA
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